New Construction Homes In the Denver Metro area.

When deciding on a new home, new construction is always a great option. Many buyers do not think that they can afford new construction when, in reality, there are some great deals to be had, especially in this market.

I have had experience with DR Horton, Richmond, Engle, Berkeley, Oakwood to name a few. They all have different strategies regarding pricing, inclusions, terms, incentives, etc. Experience has taught me that there are many ways to approach each builder but that there is always room for negotiation...considerably more than if you would go in unrepresented. The builders actually welcome agents because we do bring them the majority of their clients. A common myth is that a buyer will have a better position if they are not represented. This is not the case. If realtors new that the builders were offering better incentives to unrepresented buyers, the realtors would not be nearly as excited about showing new construction homes.

The bottom line...let me help you select a new construction home and negotiate on your behalf clear through closing!!

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